Code is like food: Timing

When you think about it, there are many similarities between people preparing food and coders.

Time matters

For both food and code the element of time matters. Consider:

  • How long are you willing to wait for a hamburger?
  • How long should a good hamburger sit on a shelf to be heated before it can be served?

What you don’t want:

Say your company does the best hamburger in the world, but it takes you 2 weeks to make one hot steamy hamburger. You immediately have the problem of deciding what to do: you either make the customer sit in your restaurant for two weeks, until his/her hamburger is ready, or you start making a hamburger hoping that in two weeks there will be somebody in the store to buy it.

Similarly with software, when a customer wants something, they want it as quickly as possible. If it takes you a long time to deliver value to your customer, you can start building, and hope that once you are done somebody will want what you built.

What you do want

For both food and software, you want to be able to deliver things quickly and shortly after it was ordered. How does your team measure up?

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