The Good Geek: purpose


Thought provoking insights from a successful geek.

If you are already a Good Geek, or if you want to become one, this website is for you.

You will find wins, and failures that have helped me and other successful geeks to become better.

You will find answers to common questions that people ask in their geek journey.

You will find lessons that I wish somebody had taught me.

Who is this for?

This blog is for anyone that wants to be a professional, career geek – and beyond.

People that have (or are looking to get into) positions such as:

  • Software Engineer (or developer, or architect, or tester, or DevOps engineer)
  • Software Manager (or director, or lead)
  • VP of Engineering (or CTO)
  • Agile Coach (or SCRUM master)

… will find this blog full of stories and useful information that will make a difference in their career.

Who am I?

The name does not matter. What matters is that the journey I’ve been through is similar to that of many of you have taken or are about to take.

I currently cover an executive position as CTO, and in the last few years I’ve been VP of engineering, Engineering Managers, Lead, Architect, Sr Engineer… and a few other things in between.

In short I’ve started at the “bottom of the food chain” as a Jr Developer and am now at the other end of the spectrum. I am not alone. Many people have done it, and if you are one of them, please comment on what you find in this site.

If you want a career as a geek, then you’ll find that this website will provide good food for thought.

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